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Software Sales and Development Reviews

When we are going for an interview in any small organization like us Software Sales and Development basically we search it on many sites, we even go through reviews from many sites which are quite popular nowadays. It’s very common to Review current events, trends . We have done a research how its impact on peoples mind basically on Job seekers. This is the following statistics


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To help job seekers better understand the role of social media in their job search, conducted a survey last year that asked 2,303 hiring managers and human resource professionals if, how, and why they incorporate social media into their hiring process. Social media is a primary vehicle of communication today, and because much of that communication is public.

Job candidates have never been in a better position to research potential employers, and employees have never been more empowered to spill it all when it comes to reviewing their current workplace.

Employment brand equity as outcomes of applicants decision opportunities attributable to job seekers’ beliefs about the company as an employer. Employment brand equity are the critical factors that drive job seekers application intensions and decisions, then it is important to understand how firms can influence job seekers perceptions of those attributes

A visit to your company’s reviews page may leave you feeling pretty confident in your employment brand, or it could leave you in a tizzy. There’s no doubt that employers care most about reviews and ratings, but what are job seekers most interested in gleaning from Glassdoor? Does that scathing review from 2 years ago still matter? Should I run an internal campaign to try to boost ratings?

According to a study by Software Advice that polled 4,633 job seekers about how they used during their job search, here are three things job seekers care about on Glassdoor:

  • Ratings of a company’s compensation and benefits.
  • Ratings of a company’s work/life balance.
  • Whether or not the reviews (positive or negative) are recent.

Review sites give employers the opportunity to respond to reviews, and the value of this opportunity shouldn’t be underestimated. No one wants negative reviews, but the more optimistic among us believe these can be harnessed for good – if dealt with properly.

Company review sites do help provide some important insights into company culture and employee satisfaction. For this reason, it’s critical that employers take negative reviews seriously, and respond to them in way that showcases their commitment to employee satisfaction and a positive work environment. While the ratings aren’t necessarily an accurate representation of overall job satisfaction, individual reviews  – and perhaps more importantly, employer responses to these reviews – do hold weight when it comes to evaluating potential employers.

So here we put some reviews about our company Software Sales and Development on various site. some of our current n former employ, some clients have posted .

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So, what do you think ?