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PHP is the fastest growing web development scripting language in Kolkata . Many big and successful websites and applications are using PHP as a primary language for their developments. But in Kolkata , there are some common questions and confusions roam in PHP programmer’s mind

  • Are there any Job opportunity for PHP in Kolkata ?
  • In Kolkata are the Big companies using PHP ? Is there any opportunity to get job in PHP in those companies ?
  • Is there any bright future for PHP developers in Kolkata?
  • Some people also think that PHP is so easy to learn anyone from any background can learn it vary easily,so there may not have enough job opening for PHP developers.
  • In Kolkata is there better opportunity in .net than PHP?

But the reality is absolutely different from from those myths of PHP jobs in Kolkata.

  • In Kolkata there is ample job opportunity for PHP developers. In kolkata there is dirth of PHP candidates than its requirement. As a results so many positions in PHP are remain vacant. So if you talk about the job opportunity in Kolkata my answer is Kolkata is the best place for PHP developers.
  • Now the answer of the second question . Yes In Kolkata the Big brands are also using PHP .PHP CMS systems like Joomla and Drupal are used in many top and medium level organizations . & no need to say there is huge job opening for PHP developers.
  • Now The third Myth is also far from the reality. In Kolkata a person with sound knowledge in PHP should not worry about job.
  • The forth myth “in Kolkata there is better opportunity for .net than PHP developers” is also proved wrong if anyone goes through any job Portals.


So, what do you think ?