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Like most startups, we  Software Sales and Development  https://ssdkolkata.com/  started out undercapitalized. As we began to grow we hired people who specialized in Android, IOS, PHP, ASP, Web developer n Designer .When we began to see our little company slowly but surely succumb to the pyramid corporate structure. Each division established its hegemony. People began to compare themselves to other professionals in other companies in terms of salary and best practices.

Corporate culture has arguably always been important, but it’s only become a popular point of discussion in the past 20 years or so. corporate culture was never really overblown, and is actually becoming even more important as the modern workplace continues to evolve. For starters, culture contributes to the identify and values of your company.

A strong company culture attracts better talent and, more importantly, retains that talent. When people feel like they belong to an organization, they’re more likely to stick around for the long term. That means lower turnover, fewer new hires to deal with, and better chemistry among your team.

Corporate culture also adds to your brand identity. If we treat our employees well and have a fun-loving corporate atmosphere, our employees will see as a fun-loving, generous brand.

One of the biggest motivating factors is the fact that corporate culture is becoming a more popular consideration and development. More companies are shifting their attention to creating more thorough brand cultures, and preserving them through ongoing development. Why? It’s at least partially due to the fact that culture is talked about more frequently. Studies have indicated measurable increases in turnover for companies with poor or nonexistent culture, and conversationally, culture is mentioned more frequently between entrepreneurs.

our culture is the loudest thing happening in our organization. It is booming in your employees’ ears. Your vendors know a lot about your culture.

“The first organization sees possibility, the second sees risk and threat. The first group is eager to explore a new future, the second group misses the distant past.”

So, its all about Internals things. Its not about what we listened from others.



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