Employee Benefits at Software Sales and Development

The facilties that we provide to employees at Software Sales and Development are as follows:

1) Software Sales and Development also known as SSD Kolkata value their employees as family members. We provide 16 Earned Leaves, 10 Sick Leaves and 7 casual leaves.

2) We provide all valid documents that an employee requires in future and we fully co-operate with all the background verification processes when they leave Software Sales and Development.

3) For each and every employee, we at Software Sales and Development do a personal analysis using MBTI and find out where his strengths or weaknesses are. We then work with him on regular basis on this and make sure we guide him so he can cover his weaknesses.

4) All Software Sales and Development employees are subject to appraisal every 6 months. On joining, we do an initial appraisal in 3 months and then from there appraisal is done every six months.

5) We at Software Sales and Development have 4 bands at appraisal. A, B, C and D. For A,B and C we provide increments and for D, we try to find out what is going wrong after lengthy discussion with the employee and try to help him in all ways possible.

6) Software Sales and Development is famous for working on cutting edge technologies such as Drupal, Angular JS, MVC, Dotnetnuke and so on. If you are serious about learning you will get hands on opportunities to work on those technologies. There are skilled people in these technologies who will guide you.

and many more.

If you need any information, please feel free to contact us at 033-2576 9900 or 9239906558 for further details.