Our Mission and Vision

Integrity and Honesty are our assets. Our company is managed by veterans in the software industry who are well known for their skills and experience. Our mission is to be a world class organization in website and software development and help small business organizations all across the globe. Our vision is to empower our clients with our innovation and technical skills so that they can excel in their own field and serve the community as a whole. We were established in 2008 and we are currently having an employee base of around 20 people only but we see an immense potential in the organization. We are already facing a rapid growth and our revenue has doubled in last few months but we want to manage the growth and just do not want to be overwhelmed by it. Our aim is to be the outsourcing partner of organizations abroad and generate employment. We are based in Kolkata, India and we plan to expand to other parts of the world in future. What differentiates us from others is our process ,our performance. We are a web and software development company which is trying to follow six sigma methodology so that our clients can get the desired output in quick time without compromising the quality. We are in the market to stay and continue and not to pass into oblivion.